Friday, June 29, 2012

Let Freedom Ring...

Happy 4th of July
This is one of my favorite holidays
to decorate for!
I know I did!  

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paint Chip Chandelier

So... this is the most crafty thing I have done in a while...
Here it goes...

I saw this post on Pinterest and had to 
figure out how I could do it. 
I thought it would be perfect to incorporate into 
my 4th of July decorations!
I did mine a litte different than she did
hers. (I kinda made it up as I went along,
 so I hope you can follow)

Things you will need:
-LOTS of paint samples from hardware stores 
(and I mean lots! I had to go to three stores to get mine!)
-a punch of any style
-a small lamp shade with the fabric off
-string or fishing line
-double sided tape

1. punch out all your paint samples
You will need LOTS!!!

2. Line them up, put double sided tape on each one, put the string down the middle, 
and then put another punch on the other side. 
So they are double sided.

I did mine 3 of each color, 
and later did 2 of each color.

3. Attach them to the lamp shade.
 NOTICE, my lamp shade is upside down. 
You want this so it will give it the right shape in the end.
 It's getting there!

4. This is when I went to 2 of every color. 
I wanted to have different lengths, so this is what it came to! 

This is when I started the BLUE!

(It took me long enough! Gosh!)

More to come when I post my 
4th of July up! 
(It is really cute!)