Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation- Much Needed

I'm headed off to LONDON and PARIS today!!!
It is my first time and I'm SO excited!
{Yes, this means I won't be blogging for a while!}

The two tours we are taking in London are...

Of course a city walking tour...

...and a Harry Potter tour! :) Funny huh?!

In Paris, we are taking a Pastry, Chocolate, and Bread tour...
Have you lost your mind?
Cause I think I'm going to!!!

I am SO excited!
What are your favorite places to
go to in London and Paris?

Maybe I will check them out and give a report! :)

Before & After: Yellow Armoire

So... For a long time I have been
looking for a new thing
for my randomness to store. I have
one now, but every time I open it I worry something
is going to fall out and break.

Something easy to spray paint.
Something to glaze.
Something that has lots of storage.
Its something PERFECT!



So... products I used...
Kilz Spray Primer
Krylon Spray Paint- Bauhaus Gold
Valspar Antique Glaze
Krylon Spray Gloss Finish
Knobs- Hobby Lobby (They are so great and such a good price!!)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Great Deals

Have you ever been to the dollar spot at
Michael's Craft Store?

I went there last night and found these for
100 in each pack - $1.50!
Go grab some for your next event!

They have some really good finds! Every time I go,
I always find the greatest stuff!