Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A girl in my ward had a headband party last night and she had all these adorable and wonderful headbands from Navy Perl.
They are two sisters who make headbands, pins, basically anything you want! They have amazing talent!

These are the ones I bought...
I could have bought so much more, too bad money does not
just flow out of my wallet! Check them out here...

My head always hurts by the end of the day by wearing headbands,
and these are so comfortable!
I've been wearing one all day and I feel like I have nothing in!
Its so AWESOME!!
Definitely worth the purchase...

Herb Containers

The light on this one is LEGIT!
This can go right in your fridge door!

I have this one and absolutely LOVE it!

These were featured in Better Home and Garden
{you can find them here}

This is ginormous!

I will use these to label all my future herbs!

Lanvin Couture Wedding Bouquets | Pacific Weddings

Lanvin Couture Wedding Bouquets | Pacific Weddings

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Cupcake's Dream

{find this breath taking post on StylemePretty}

Amorology Raindrop Wedding

"Rain drops keep falling on my head..."

{Find this BEAUTIFUL wedding on Amorology}

Wedding Hair Pieces

{find this here}

{find these on etsy}

Transform a Closet into an Office

Would you die if you had this as your office?
I know I would!
{Country Living has mastered on how to take your closet and make THIS}

Rainbow Party

This ballon-arch took me back to my high school days!
{find it on the party dress}

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Handmade Cards on Etsy

{find these here at 315thomas}

DIY: Modern Mirror

What do you need? Materials… Mirror (framed or unframed), paper doily, frosted glass finish spray, double-sided tape

How do I make it?

Steps… 1. Clean mirror with soap and water to remove any debris or dirt, and let dry.

2. Choose a paper doily that works for the size mirror you have. My doily is about a third of the size of mirror. On the backside of the doily, place double sided tape all over. You will want to overload it with tape so that you can stop the spray from going into areas you don’t want it to be. But you also want to be sure not to put tape over any areas that are suppose to be “open” in the doily. Then turn over and secure to the mirror anywhere you wish. Remember: The area you put the doily, will be the only spot in the mirror you will actually be able to see a reflection when we are done.

3. Place mirror down on flat surface. Shake frosted glass spray according to directions and then spray 7-12 inches away from the mirror in even, sweeping strokes. Thin layers are the best way to go about this to avoid drips and other inaccuracies. Wait for each coat to dry (about 15-10 minutes) before applying the next coat. My mirror took four coats.

4. After the last layer is completely dry, gently remove the paper doily and double-sided tape from mirror. Clean with damp cloth and you are ready to hang.

{find the whole story here at paper n stitch}