Thursday, February 4, 2010

DIY: Valentine's Dream Wall

I know, I know... how could anyone actually do this? Truth is I did, and proud to say it! I had help from my friends making the Fluff Puffs, but the image has my name all over it!

The inspiration came from Anthropology... this is the original idea...

So here is how to make such a wall of wonders!

1. Start by putting lights up (I used christmas lights) on the wall, in the direction of where your design wants to go. You want lots of light to shine through, so put lots of lights up!

2. Start putting up the Fluff Puffs! (I used pushpins into the wall, tape on the picture that I covered)

Real Simple!!

Here are pictures of how I decorated the rest of my apartment...


  1. You should seriously go to school for set design. Any magazine would hire you to make their cute sets! I would.
    Freak. This is amazing. You are my idol. We need to collaborate on my next "window display" at my house (I used to do them last year, but now I'm getting lazy).

  2. thanks so much! my inspiration came from tate! and whit... i would be more than happy to help you! i would love it!