Thursday, February 4, 2010

DIY: Fluff Puffs

How to make BEAUTIFUL
Fluff Puffs...


- tissue paper 8 pieces for a fluff & 12 pieces for a fluff ball... it can be any color, pattern, newspaper, or even packing paper (which I used on my Valentine's Dream Wall)
- Wire... preferably floral wire
- Scissors

1. Start out by folding your paper into an accordion.

2. Then find the center and twist the wire around the center.
3. Then cut the ends of the folded paper into any shape... round, a point, your options are endless.

4. Take one side and start pulling every layer of the paper up, until both sides are all fluffed up!

Now you can do whatever your heart desires with these wonderful Fluff Puffs! ENJOY!!

Here is how I used Fluff Balls for my Christmas decorations...

...And how I used them for Halloween.


  1. Amazing again.
    Thank you for teaching me to do this. I've been wondering the details for ages.
    Also, do you buy your tissue paper in bulk somewhere?

  2. i know, its so simple so why not do it! and i don't, i should but i just go to anywhere to get it!

  3. Ashey - come to Wisconsin I need to learn all this fun stuff!!