Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A girl in my ward had a headband party last night and she had all these adorable and wonderful headbands from Navy Perl.
They are two sisters who make headbands, pins, basically anything you want! They have amazing talent!

These are the ones I bought...
I could have bought so much more, too bad money does not
just flow out of my wallet! Check them out here...

My head always hurts by the end of the day by wearing headbands,
and these are so comfortable!
I've been wearing one all day and I feel like I have nothing in!
Its so AWESOME!!
Definitely worth the purchase...


  1. Ash - does she have a website???? Taylor needs one!

  2. Those are so cute!! were they expensive?!

  3. their website is...

    and they aren't a bad a bad price... $14-25

    they are SO awesome!!!

  4. My new idea is that you should throw a headband party and I can come... haha...

  5. I want these! I love her website. Lots of cute ones.