Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Recycle Paper Magnets and Pushpins

How fun are these!?
I stumbled upon these while on Etsy.
One-of-a-kind handmade cards, garlands, decor, stationery, notes, gift tags, ornaments, journals, postcards and more, all created individually or in sets. All decoration is by hand.

Find them HERE

iPhone Case

I got a NEW iPhone4 case!!!

This was my old one from Kate Spade
I loved it, but I needed a change!
I saw some on etsy and decided to get it!
{She was kind of a pain and slow to work with, but well worth it!}
I just LOVE the Chevron... of course!

DIY: Scripture Covers

Make your own scripture covers:

We had an activity and
made our own covers for our scriptures!
They turned out so cute,
and easy to do!

{the orange one is mine!:}


I know this like A LOT of stuff... and it is,
but these are the things you will need...

Fabric glue or glue gun
Sewing Machine
Thread and needle
and some good music to jam to! :)


1. Fold the fabric you want to use in half and inside out.
2. Take your scriptures and line it up to the fold and make a line across the top to measure where you are going to sew. You will wank to make it long so some excess will fold into the inside.
3. Sew across that line.
4. Iron so you have no creases.
5. Fold it inside out so your design is on the outside.
6. Put it on your scriptures and DECORATE!

Here are some that people made:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Blog Design!

Some say I maybe obsessed!
I just love anything-
and if that includes all of those then it has my
name written ALL over it!

Thanks to my friend this new blog layout
became possible!
Isn't it just LOVELY!?!
{source} {source} {source}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cheetah Print meets Carnival

I love this picture!
SO funny!!!

So I was in a wedding this past
weekend in CA! It was
a blast and so much fun!

Just some pics from the fabulous EVENT!

Yes... they had a ferris wheel at their wedding!
The couple actually got engaged
on a ferris wheel, so they had to keep the
theme going!

This doughnut bar was an
absolute HIT!
EVERYONE was loving all these doughnuts!

The names are so cute for these drinks!

The photographer was
I absolutely LOVED his work!
They turned out so awesome!