Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cheetah Print meets Carnival

I love this picture!
SO funny!!!

So I was in a wedding this past
weekend in CA! It was
a blast and so much fun!

Just some pics from the fabulous EVENT!

Yes... they had a ferris wheel at their wedding!
The couple actually got engaged
on a ferris wheel, so they had to keep the
theme going!

This doughnut bar was an
absolute HIT!
EVERYONE was loving all these doughnuts!

The names are so cute for these drinks!

The photographer was
I absolutely LOVED his work!
They turned out so awesome!


  1. Holy cow that bride's dress is GORGEOUS! WHY am i already married!?!

  2. this wedding was flawless! loved their use of antique furniture and their flowers were so so beautiful. where was it??

    so glad i came across your blog, definitely following!
    lets follow each other?


  3. if i could re do my wedding reception i'd do it exactly like this! amazing!