Monday, May 31, 2010

DIY: Silhouette Bulletin Board

STEP 1. Download and print our profile templates, then use a photocopier to enlarge them by 130 percent.

STEP 2. Center each enlarged profile on an 11- by 17-inch corkboard ($4.99 per board;, and trace around it with a pen.

STEP 3. Working on a protected surface, such as a chopping block or self-healing mat, slowly score the pen lines with an X-Acto knife. Because of the cork's thickness, you'll need to go over each cut several times before slicing all the way through.

STEP 4. Spray the silhouettes with two coats of flat black paint, let dry overnight, and hang with adhesive mounting strips ($2.49 for nine;

Download the profile templates here.

Find this on Country Living

DIY: Monogram

Once again Wedding Chicks has done it again...
Click here to make your own monogram and use on whatever you want! They are SO awesome! Here is more things you can make
from their site...


Another successful trip to the wonderful NYC!
I could live there one day...
One could only dream...

And we HAD to see WICKED right!! Duh!

Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar is a candy store that is heaven sent...
It has EVERY kind of candy imaginable! Such a fun place to go to!

"Dylan" is Ralph Lauren's daughter, so that is who the store is
named after!

Serendipity 3... of course

You can never get enough of Serendipity...

This is their famous frozen hot chocolate... the best!!

My sister and mom had a little too much fun...

Central Park

We absolutely love Central Park...

Sweetie Pie

I discovered this wonderful place on my last trip
with my friend Macy
and we HAD to go this trip!
And we had such a wonderful time! Its such a cute
environment and the food has a fun
twist on it that can't be beat! Make this place a must the
next time you are in NYC... you will love it!
Visit their site here!


We had a VERY successful trip to one of our favorite stores in NYC...
Its always a tradition for us to go there and get a matching
jewelry piece.

This was their display... we were on the elevator and someone had
to stop at this floor and when I saw this I HAD
to get off and admire this BEAUTIFUL display!
I fell in LOVE!

High Noon Tea @ The Plaza

While we were in NY we went and had
@ The Plaza!!! It was the
BEST/most expensive meal I've ever had! But, well worth it!

This is what my plate looked like at the end! I made a MESS!!