Friday, May 7, 2010

DIY: Bulletin Board

Have you ever attempted a DIY project that looked so easy a preschooler could do it? You then got half way through the project and wish you would've just bought the finished product instead? Well I almost had one of those moments when I began this project:

I decided to "wing" it. After spending almost 45 minutes trying to help the associate cut my trim at a 45 degree angle "freehand" I left pretty frustrated with only the trim. Refusing to accept defeat, I consulted a fellow craft queen on the next step. She mentioned something about a mitre box and saw. The clouds above opened answered prayer!! I headed to the store, this time Lowes (closer to home), for a mitre box and saw and a few other supplies...
I carefully cut each piece using my mitre saw and nailed them to the existing frame with finishing nails. When the frame was in place, the edges looked like this. Not to worry...if this happens to you, then use wood filler to fill the gaps. When it dries sand it smooth.
After repairing and sanding, I wiped the frame with a baby wipe and allowed it to dry for about 5 minutes. I painted the frame with two coats of black satin paint allowing about 2 hours between coats. This stuff dried fast! There was no need to apply primer before painting . The trim pieces I purchased were already primed!

The next day my new bulletin board was ready to hang.
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