Friday, September 17, 2010

DIY: Crepe Paper Flowers

I hope you have fun making these!
I know I will...


Crepe paper sheets
White floral cloth wire
White floral tape


1. Cut a strip of crepe paper about 5-4 inches wide and about 18 inches long. The grain of the crepe paper should be parallel to the longest sides. Fold in half several times until you have a small rectangle about 2 inches wide.

2. Cut the top edge, rounding it out to create a semi-circle shape. Unfold crepe paper strip.

3-4. Refold the crepe paper strip, but not exactly in half. When bringing the short ends together, stop a few inches short of matching them up exactly. Fold a few more times and cut a rounded petal edge on the opposite side as before. This will ensure that the scallops on each side are somewhat staggered. Unfold.

5. Now fold in half length wise. Take one end of crepe paper strip and secure it to the top of floral wire by making a loop with the wire and twisting it around crepe paper.

6. Begin to form flower. Gather the crepe paper as you turn the wire stem, and secure it with floral tape. Once the flower is fully formed, wrap the tape partially down the stem.

7. Using your fingers, adjust flower petals. Crepe paper has a bit of a stretch, so you can gently pull edges of petals to create a more realistic look. In the center of the flower, add a dab of glue and cover with microbeads.


  1. another awesome and simple idea!! i just love your blog :)

  2. So pretty! My mom used to make these to fill her room when she was a hippie, it's so hard to find crepe paper now... I would love to have a bouquet of these

  3. Oooh, so pretty and old fashioned!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. We used to make these in the late 1960's - I don't remember ours being so realistic and pretty...

  5. This is like magic. Even after you've explained how you do it. Thank you so much for sharing. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

  6. These are lovely. By the way, I just bought crepe paper (for my daughter's birthday party) from (NAYY). Fast shipping and they sent a little DIY sheet about how to make duplex crepe paper, very pretty!

  7. When I was little [the 50's] I found a dress box under my mom and dad's bed. It was filled with crepe paper sheets, and wires, and floral tape and an instruction book on how to make crepe paper flowers of all kinds. My mom in the late forties used to make these and sell them to people. They were beautiful. She showed me how to make some simple flowers and then put the box away. Now that my mother is gone, I sometimes wonder where that box ever went.

  8. Found you through Craft Magazine Daily... I'd love to use this as a craft for my MOPS group, but not all of the directions are complete. Would you be so kind as to email me them in their entirety? I'm pretty sure I get it, but we have a lot of mamas who need to read directions. Thanks so much.
    thedaytontime at gmaildotcom

    And if you like food, you should check out my pal Rebecca at

  9. I really really love these. The would be a stunning centerpiece at a bridal shower too! The pink is so romantic.

  10. These are so gorgeous; Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Hi!

    Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog.

    Nancy Ward

  12. So cute tutorial, i like it very much. Thanks for sharing

  13. Beautiful! But the instructions are cut off on the right hand margin? Can you send them to me?

    Thank you!


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