Thursday, January 28, 2010

DIY: Necklaces

You can easily do these yourselves!
Thanks to the one and only Martha Stewart, these have been made possible to wear without spending loads of cash. Click here to learn how.

I made flowers for mine instead of jewels. They look harder than they really are...


For large ribbon roses: 18 1/2" of 1 1/2" wire-edge ribbon

For medium ribbon roses: 12" of 7/8" wire-edge ribbon


1. To make each rose, make a knot at one end of the ribbon length. At opposite end, pull wire from one side and gently slide ribbon along wire until entire side is completely gathered; do not cut off wire end.
2. To form rose, begin with knotted end and spiral wrap gathered ribbon around knot. Wrap tightly at first, to form center of rose, then loosely for open petals.
3. To end, fold raw edge under rose and wrap wire tightly around knotted end; trim excess wire. Cut off the end of knot.

I also used spray fabric glue to glue on the lace onto the felt; just a small added touch!

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  1. Is this the one you made last night! OH MY GOSH it looks good!