Friday, October 22, 2010

Tag... I'm it...

My friend Horito tagged me...
I don't normally do these things, but hey!

(I want a wall like this one day!)

1: You just won 1 million dollars. You have to spend it all in one month. No investments allowed. It all has to be gone in one month. What do you buy/do?
First, I would take a trip probably to the amazing NYC and camp out there at the LUXURIOUS Ritz Carlton (they have the best service and cheese platter in their lobby is to die for), then take a serious shopping trip, who wouldn't with a million dollars! On my last day in New York I would take the day and RELAX (I've never relaxed in New York... it would be a new experience). Find the best spa and enjoy, plus get all the treatments I want! (Including a wash and style, I hate having to do my own hair!)
Second, I would come back to my reality and buy a house. So, I can decorate it... What I love to do! AND, then have a party... the other thing I love to do!

2: Three awesome blogs... Go.
These are my go to everyday!
- Style Me Pretty best wedding blog there is out there!
- Design*Sponge I found this one when I first got into the blogging world and fell in love... so it just will always be there for me!
- NieNie she is such an inspiration! Please check her out if you haven't before!
There are more that I have to look at everyday, but these are the top three!

3: Please share your most embarrassing life moment.
These happen on a regular basis but... I do have one that I can think of this moment! I was at the MET in NYC, and it was a Sunday and my girlfriends and I just got out of church and thought going to the MET was a good Sunday activity. I usually wear Spanx on Sundays.(If you don't know what they are... They are something to keep you at sucked in so you can breath! They also go up super high, up to your bra and are crotchless... I don't know why, because I don't know how someone can wear that and pee at the same time!) I had to go to the bathroom... you may see where I am going with this. I came out of the bathroom and started looking at some of the things around and it felt a little drafty (remember the crotchless part). I just went around minding my business when... I don't know how I realized it but, my skirt was tucked into my Spanx!!! The whole world had just seen not only these weird underwear, but crotchless none the less! HORRIFIED!!!

4: If you had to choose between being an awful speller or awful at math, which would you choose and why?
Math, for sure! You can get away with math because we have calculators! But being bad at spelling, is kind of an embarrassment... but I guess there is always spell check! But, spell check does not have grammar check... Just a thought!

5: If you could be awesome at any one thing in the world (like painting, public speaking, roller skating, snowboarding, etc.), what would it be and why?
I would like to be awesome at being a techi... like a computer nerd, if you will. I have a secret interest in technology. I guess it comes from my dad who's favorite stores are Best Buy and Fry's. Wouldn't it be so cool to know everything about computers? Especially where our lives revolve around them! I would also like to be SUPER awesome at Graphic Design! When I am doing events, my life would be so much more simpler if I knew how to do that kind of stuff!

So there is me....
I've been tagged... now you know me...
well some of me! :)

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