Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DIY: The Best of My Days Calendar

How CUTE are these?!
What a fabulous idea that I got from
to make these and give them
to people in my church.

When I saw this idea I immediately thought
of this talk from Henry B. Eyring
and HAD to present it to my
Relief Society girls!
{this is also a great idea for your kids to do!}

It was A LOT of work, but well worth it!

Go here to print out your own
and start yours today!

When I printed it out I had a hard
time cutting them out
and all being the same, so I figured out the solution!
Each one needs to measure 3 1/2 inches across!

Then, wrapped it up in some burlap and some ribbon,
and included each one with a pen!

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  1. wow. your relief society girls get hooked up! those are cute