Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peppermint Wonderland

These were the gathering of the Christmas decorations!

Here is how my peppermint wonderland turned out...
There aren't many times I... Yes I...
Impress myself, but when I was finished I was 

 It's a delightful gift when you walk inside!

 This IS my pride and joy out of everything!
I wish you could see all the detail... 
It just doesn't do it justice!
Everything is sitting on this amazing huge vintage platter!
I just have to say... when it comes to my shopping skills, I am pretty thrifty! Mostly everything you see here in these pictures, I never paid full price!
It was either from one of these places...
TJ Maxx/Home Goods (my fav!)
Dollar Tree
Tai Pan
Deseret Industries

If you are wondering how I made these...
I would like to know too!

A lot of people ask me how did you come up with that, what recipe did you follow, or where did you learn how
to make that? 
The answer always is... (not to be boastful)

But these trees were super easy!
-cone styrofoam tree
-old book pages
-paper cutter 
-pen or pencil for curling 

1. cut the book pages into strips 
2. curl the ends with your pen or pencil
3. pin the curled strips onto the cone in various places!
 My table runner! 
It pays off to collect!
 If you are into Pinterest then I'm sure 
you have seen these on there! 
I couldn't resist!
 Do you see that vintage milk glass 
pedestaled bowl! WOW!
Once again, it pays off to collect! :)

My present to all of you is that I will be better about blogging and keeping you all better updated on the latest and greatest! :)

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