Sunday, March 7, 2010

DIY: Pennant Banner

Learn how to make your own Pennant Banner!
It is really simple and looks stunning at any event... or for whatever!

What you will need:

-your choice of any double sided cardstock/scrapbook paper



1. If you use scrapbook paper it come in 12x12. So, find the middle and that will be your point of the pennant. Draw a line from the point to the opposite corner, and do it again to the other side, so then you make a triangle. (this becomes your template)

2. Trace out template on each paper you want to use. Then cut out... as many as you want.

3. Take your string and staple each pennant to the string. (you can use a pad for your hand, such as oven mit :) Easy as pie!!

Special thanks so my "sous chef" Miss Greenlees

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