Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally... I'm BACK!

I truly apologize to everyone for
not keeping up on my blogging...

But, I'm BACK, and ready to blog away!
SO much to share with you...
so get ready!

I found these at Target the other day!
Thought I would share!
Cute right?!


  1. I cant seem to find these on the target website or in my store. What section did you find them in please?

  2. they we by the new home/picture frames they have now! im sure you can ask around!

  3. haha, me again! After unsuccessfully trying to find these for awhile I emailed Target. They are not much help unless I have the UPC code. Any chance you still have the package?

  4. oh man! im so sorry! i actually didnt buy them, i just thought they were so cute! next time i'm there i will look and post it on here!

  5. I found one at the second target. but they are on clearance here, so they will not last long!